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  • Michael Bain

American Missionaries

The fact that we see many believers leaving America and finding the overwhelming burning of the manifest presence of God in the deserts and jungles of neighboring continents, should cause us to burn with holy jealously, shut down our programs and stare intently on the Man Christ Jesus; and simply ask, why revival unto habitation tarries in our homes, churches and schools.

As American Missionaries called to and commissioned for the United States, Amber's and my joyful duty is to remove the stumbling block (primarily by prayer and fasting) to Holy Habitation of the Father in the American family; to which I believe we currently are dealing with, almost more than anything else, a lack of fascination of the beauty of Jesus in His biblical identity, Genesis to Revelation.

Bring weeping, LORD, that would wipe away confusion and perversion of Your true likeness; that we would see clearly, Jesus our Magnificent Obsession in this generation, in this hour in and for the United States!